Trock is a music genre that is completly sexy.
It was founded by Alex Day.

This sex-tastic genre is based off the brilliant sci fi show Doctor Who (also very sexy)
"OMG! Have you heard of Chameleon Circuit? The first trock band? Their sexy!"
by DominatedLoveSlave June 10, 2009
Best music in the world. Originally created by Alex Day, it is music based off the BBCA's TV series Doctor Who,most of it is about the Tenth Doctor's travels (David Tennant) and the episodes BBCA has run, I.E. Blink, Journey's End, etc..
Chameleon Circuit is the name of their Trock Band. Musics are:
An Awful lot Of Running (one of my favs!)
Exterminate Regenerate, Count The Shadows, Blink, Journey's End
by DoctorWhoFan July 26, 2009
Doctor Who related filk by people who think it's something new because they can't be bothered to look into the long history musical parodies and original songs in science-fiction fandom
Bands like Chameleon Circuit call their music Trock, but it's just filk.
by yoyogod July 04, 2009
Trock is commonly known as an internet troller, which over the course of 1 year made a self proclaimed 450,000 posts on various message boards including HBO Forums. He is considered the worst person on the internet because his mindless babble takes up everyone else’s precious time.

It is now commonly used as a verb or an adjective to describe something obnoxious.
That is so trocked up

You are such a trock
by Jason Boyd January 26, 2006
Something that rocks beyond comprehension. See Uber
That cake is nasty, this pie totally trocks!
by PlentifulBalls February 12, 2004
rapper who is great lyrically, but has a real annoying voice, which makes it physically impossible to listen to his shit for more than twenty minutes
used to be down with Three 6 Mafia
T-Rock's disses towards Three 6 are OTC mayne..
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006
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