Time Lord Rock, a genre of music, invented by youtuber nerimon
I love trock music
#trock #time #lord #rock #nerimon
by cherawr August 14, 2008
Time-lord rock. Rock based on the tv series 'Doctor who'. The idea derives from Wrock (Wizard Rock) which is about Harry Potter.

This 'Trock' was Alex Day's idea a.k.a. the well known youtuber: Nerimon.
"Wow I've just been listening to that awesome trock band Chameleon circuit."
#trock #torck #trokc #time-lord rock #doctor who music #doctor who #dr who
by Jemima<3trock August 14, 2008
'Trock' is a music genre, a shortening of 'Time Lord rock'. This music is inspired by Doctor Who (the plots, characters, sentiments, whatever - it can all be traced back to the show or novels or audiobooks, etc.)

Trock has become popular recently due to posts on YouTube, though it has been around for a long time.

(Note: the genre 'wrock', meaning 'wizard rock', created for Harry Potter, was probably inspired by trock, as trock existed years before, despite what the definition ''trock' is like 'wrock' only for 'Doctor Who'' implies.)
~ I'm thinking of starting a "trock" band.
~ Cool.
#time lord #doctor who #gallifrey #rock #wrock
by angelmitabrokenwatch October 17, 2010
Trock, or Time Lord Rock, is a new genre of music based on The popular (and awesome) TV series, Doctor Who. Similar to the Wrock (Wizard Rock) craze, stemming from the Harry Potter books, Trock is really any kind of music but with lyrics based on Dr Who rather than Harry Potter.
It was "created" by the amazing Youtube user Nerimon
Trock On!
#awesome #time lord rock #dr. who #nerimon #music
by Indy aka Indara August 17, 2008
deriving from the Latin based "trumpus" meaning 'a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone' and stemming from the well known Roman phrase 'slang for your wang' - "cock"; A large piece of throbbing man meat pleasuring ladies across the globe for countless hours owned by the one and only Trumpadump (Trumpalump). Never surrendering infront of a challenge and plowing on for the greater good, the Trock always aims to please and provide its owner with satisfaction.
What happened to Sarah? I Heard she got trocked hard
#trock #trumpet #cock #meatus #mundey
by Trumpadump June 10, 2011
Trock (v): to mess with a person, situation, or object; an obscene word used to add cacophony to any sentence that requires it; antonym: help; rock; useful.
"Are you trocking kidding me?"
#rock #curse #helpful #anger #useless humans
by BellaMella January 06, 2013
A genre of music about Doctor Who that some people on Youtube think they came up with. Unfortunatly for them, the first "trock" song came out before any of them were born, leaving some of us slightly annoyed at their sense of self-importance.
Chameleon Circuit: We're the first Trock Band!

The Time Lords: Wtf, bitches, quit taking credit.
#doctor who #the time lords #youtube #time lord rock #music
by wasteoftime July 06, 2009
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