Trock, or, Time Lord Rock, is a wave of music started by YouTube partner Nerimon and his band Chameleon Circuit. Styles of music can vary from hard-rock to acoustic, all of whom write music inspired by Doctor Who.

Trock is a musical wave similar to Wizard Rock, based on the Harry Potter book series.

However, the first ever recorded Trock song was not by Alex or Chameleon Circut, but by The Timelords, more commonly known as The KLF's, a late 1980's British acid house band. Their "one hit wonder" song - Doctorin' the Tardis is clearly Dr. Who inspired.

A similar thing happened in the Wrock movement, with Harry and the Potters as the clear "wave starters" and the Band Swithcblade Kittens (known in the Wrock circuit as the Weird Sisters) the first to produce an original song, years before the movement.
"I love Trock"
"I know, its totally awesome"
#time lord rock #wizard rock #nerimon #the timelords #klf #tardis #dr. who #twirock
by Tabby_Kate June 19, 2009
Time Lord Rock, similar to wizard rock / wrock, genre of music about/dedicated to the Television Series Doctor Who. Trock was released by youtuber Nerimon, who started the First Trock Band, Chameleon Circuit.

Chameleon Circuit includes uk youtubers Nerimon, Charlieissocoolike, LittleRadge & CowInParachute. Songs are usually written about episodes of Doctor Who including Blink & An Awful Lot Of Running.
"My Favorite Band is Chameleon Circuit?"
"What Genre Of Music Are They?"
"Time Lord Rock, or "Trock"
#timelordrock #dr.who #wrock #genre #trock #doctorwho
by z3d19 August 14, 2008
Pioneered by the band Chameleon Circuit. Trock musicians are not made of flesh and blood... they aren't even made of awesome. They are made of the primal sense which is sex appeal.
Fan girl 1: Eww a nerd
Fan girl 2: He plays in a Trock band
Fan girl 1: He is HOT
#trock #timelord rock #doctor who #sex appeal #blink
by MJessie June 10, 2009
Trock is a new genre of music created by highly sucsessful youtuber, Nerimon. It is a genre of music made up of songs about the hit show Doctor Who. Trock is Shorthand for Time Lord Rock. The first two Trock songs were "An awful Lot of Running" by Nerimon / fiveawesomeguys-Wednesday (Alex) and "Blink" by Charliissocoollike/ fiveawesomeguys- Tuesday (Charlie) both of whom are members of the first Trock band "Chameleon Circuit" the idea for Trock Came from the genre Wrock, or Wizard Rock (songs about Harry Potter) and is right there alongside it as a new "Nerdfighter" craze. I hope they both Take off!
"i loved that new Song By "Chameleon Circuit," they are the Best Trock Band Ever!"
#trock #t-rock #nerimon #youtube #doctor who #dr. who #wrock #time lord rock #wizard rock #wednesday #charlieissocoollike #blink
by XxXemonerd2012XxX August 13, 2008
Trock is also known as Time Lord Rock. Created by Alex Day (Nerimon from YouTube). It was inspired by Wizard Rock (Wrock).
Alex sung the Trock song he'd made earlier that day.

Trock on!
#trock #time lord rock #time #lord #rock #music #timelord
by Frannnnnnn August 13, 2008
time-lord rock. A genre of music created by the world-renowned Alex Day (or Nerimon) based on the hit telvision series 'Doctor Who'. After being inspired by wrock (wizard rock), Day decided to use his fan base of 23,000 on the popular site YouTube to start this soon-to-be-famous music genre.

This music genre is not defined by its musical sound but its lyrical content about Doctor Who.
We are ready to trock!
#time #lord #rock #trock #nerimon
by rose tyler August 10, 2008
Trock, short for 'Timelord Rock', is a subgenre of Filk based around the popular science-fiction show 'Doctor Who.'
'Blink' by Chameleon Circut is a modern, popular example of Trock.
#timelord rock #time lord rock #filk #doctor who #dr who #chameleon circut #chamelian circut
by Venusian Vixen March 20, 2010
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