Perhaps one of the best rappers ever to come out of the ATL. He used to be part of the prophet posse, and with three six mafia, but due to money issues he was kicked off of HCP. His first cd "Rocksolid/420" is probably one of the best cds that DJ Paul made.
T Rock talks mad shit about DJ Paul and Juicy on Defcon: Lyrical Warfare.
by Nofx Guy 666 May 20, 2006
Time-Lord Rock

a new genre of music created by the ingenious nerimon, and inspired by The Doctor a brilliant 900 year old alien who travels through time and space in a little blue box (don't worry, it's bigger on the inside!)

Doctor Who? you ask




(fear not Trock fans, as the Daleks are still in the process of mastering the warned when they remember that they can magically fly in the new series)
by Lyra V Ellison August 17, 2008
Basically, awesome songs written about Doctor Who by an awesome band called Chameleon Circuit.

Go watch/listen and you will hear Trock by Chameleon Circuit.
by RHNT. June 13, 2009
Trundle rock, invented by the very sexy 'fourawesometrundlers' on youtube.

They are YouKnowThatDaveKid, Dan2Shambles, CaptainWilhelm and conawillvlog.
It is music focused on the many inside jokes involved in this channel, for example Andy Pipkin, or that ginger cunt.
Not time lord rock, it's completely different.

Trock. Like normal rock, but sexier.
by GOD I'm cool June 10, 2009
a genre of music that's known as "Time Lord Rock," put together by musically talented people who are obsessed with/ watch the amazing british sci-fi television show called Doctor Who. this form of music is said to have been started up by youtuber Alex Day, whose channels are called Nerimon and Nericoustic. He and fellow youtuber Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) have a Trock band thatthey call Chameleon Circuit.
Alex: i LOVE doctor who AND performing orginal songs!
Charlie: DUDE! you should SO join my Trock band!
by TrockWrockNerd August 11, 2008
Timelord Rock - songs written about the British TV show, Doctor Who
"Have you heard that song about Sally Sparrow? Let's Trock Out!"
by Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle September 15, 2008
A new genre of music which consists of music based around the english TV show Doctor Who.
It was created by Alex Day (commonly known as Nerimon) who now has a Trock band of his own called Chameleon Circuit, which has band members from the Youtube website including Charlieissocoollike, Cowinparachute and LittleRadge.
John: Did you see Doctor who last night?
Dave: Yeah, we should do a song about it!
Chris: Wow, a new Trock song? This craze is really kicking off!
by Trock Fan August 12, 2008
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