When one has a nipple that seems to be tripple the size of a regular nipple.
Yesterday I went to the pool, and this guy had a serious case of tripple nipple, i thought he was gonna poke my eye out.
by drews idea December 11, 2008
Top Definition
A child whos parents are related. They Suffer From having a third nipple somewhere on their body. They usually have a little penis or are hermaphradites. There is Currently one in New York Whos rides the short bus to school with yellow helmet and tin lunchbox whos yells out "im Special!" He is 15 years old and Mexican With German teeth and a chineese penis dildo. They also have 11 Toes and hit people.
Anthony G. has a Tripple Nipple
G. as in Ginormous 11th Toe
by "Metro" Shay January 19, 2009
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