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When all around you is illusory, senses meshing together forming a maniacally fantastic maelstrom of uniformed chaos & paranormal profundity, all of which is brought on by the ingestion of powerful hallucinogenics, such as lysergic acid dyethylemide (LSD).
Someone who is "trippin' fandango" thinks he's Jimmy Dean Sausage & is abducted by aliens & servants of Satan. He/she also is convinced mathematical improbabilities (eg 5x9=95) are now concrete realities. Said person will also rant & rave nonsensically about "fuckin' seein' some shit" when they were very young. You can spot someone like this by their fake bubba teeth, Winn Dixie vest, Z28 Camaro mesh hat & fake sideburns.
by Flakage September 18, 2009
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