Nonce. Child Molestor. Someone who craves the touch of a paper slit surrounded by candy floss.

"To do a Tripp" - Groom an child of the female persuasion online, before meeting up for lurid sex in a parking lot.
I can't believe my father has been a complete tripp!

Did you hear about that weird dude from high school?

Yeah man, I heard He did a tripp.
by Cake March 04, 2005
Top Definition
1. noun; Ex Dope/Murderdolls reject, kicked out of Static X under child abuse allegations. Can now be found in Angel Drive Correction Facility.

2. adjective; "to do a tripp". Urban slang given to a child molestor.
"SJ did a tripp on underage Vicki"
by RPR March 04, 2005
Internet messageboard slang for an online paedophile after the aforementioned guitarist was arrested amongst allegations of sex with a minor.
grym : Have you seen that creepy guy who joined up yesterday, he's a bit Tripp Eisen.
by grym March 04, 2005
The ex- Murderdolls guitarist recently sacked from Static -X on grounds of kiddie fiddling
It's common knowledge yet all the 13 year olds deny it 'cos they suck his dick
by Luke from Vertiis March 04, 2005
Guy from Murderdolls/Static-X who is a kiddy fiddler/nonce.
(to the theme of Postman Pat)

Postman Tripp, Postman Tripp, Postman Tripp and his kiddy poking dick.
Early in the morning
As underage girls are yawning
Tripp empties out his sack in his van...
by Lugs. Got. PWND. March 17, 2005
the hott ex-Murderdolls guitarist who is now in Static-X who kix ass and is really hott
Tripp + Eisen = DEAD SEXY!!!
by gothicmurderdolls August 27, 2003

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