The Tripodumus is an ancient race that thrived millions of years ago on the island that is now know today by, Socotra Island. The Tripodumus is a three legged hippopotamus with large, graceful wings. They were born from the Eagle-Hippo, a hippo conjoined with an eagle. Their relationship status was determined by how many squids they had trailing off their tail. 5 meant they were single, 9 meant they were taken or married, and any other number of squids meant that they were gay. The sea cucumbers and midgets took them over, depriving them of their independence, (similar to when Great Britain was in charge of America, but they didn't ride them) and rode them into battle, fighting other prehistoric creatures for land. After the extinction of the dinosaurs, they were no more.
Wow, I saw a Joefish riding a Tripodumus today!
by Mr. Tripodumus March 03, 2014

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