A sad state of affairs or just pure back luck when a person (most oftenly a female) is ugly, fat, and has bad hair.
Quick, hide your lunches! Amanda the triple threat is waddling in here!
by The Devil's Mistress July 07, 2005
jesuit party first night of winter break which stupid sophomore got screwed and were sent to the hospital ruining it.
Triple threat was the biggest party of the year.
did you go to triple threat?
by ptownpartier June 05, 2006
Adj; V; Noun; Life. Humble Beginnings. Peaceful. Coexistence. World Domination.

Triple Threat consists of three Earthly Gods: alias Diego Dunn, Travisteis, and Zac Tic-Tac Attack. With humble beginnings, the band started off as a minorly small joke during track and cross country back in the year 2006. All three members lived coincidentally in Simi Valley, California, the home of Hollywood and San Francisco. However, Triple Threat has grown to become a major media and political power in many countries as well as various planets across this galaxy including Mars (because we're so hot) and Uranus. Sadly, the members of the group took a short hiatus in space to blow away the people of Earth and luckily, they succeeded. The Band has set new plans now to reach Earth with their funky-fresh new beats and sounds. As a result, the common phrase among fans goes simply as "They own. Hardcore."
Triple Threat, a small city band with crazy addictive beats and frikkin' pwnage instrumentals, has tackled some of the most distressing issues currently plagueing the world today, such as Peggy Chow, Makin' Babies, and the common loose grasping of the Spanish language by many suburban Americans. As absurd as this may sound, these innovative individuals will greatly surprise you and you shall not go unsatisfied after hearing them. Fo' shizzle. There are three members of Triple Threat, as mentioned earlier. Their experiences in hardcore pwnage are extensive.
Band Members:

Simple. Talented. Pure.
Those are the essential qualities to the success, influence and impact of a band. Hence, contrary to popular belief, presentation does not uplift the soul or inspire billions. Neither do fancy lightshows, masculine bouncers or half-naked women. They no-doubt assist, but when the curtains rise and the albums reach the hands of the consumer, members are all a band needs
:~Diego Dunn (Drums): Known for his extreme expertise at drumming, he keeps tempo with the revolving world. Working with the elements of nature, he drums as fast as lightning, as smooth as flowing water, as graceful as a summer breeze, and as intense as a raging fire. When he rocks, the earth crumbles and bows down before his feet.
~Travisteis (Lead Guitar): Honored and revered for his proficiency with the guitar, his rifts and melodies add light to dark situations, providing peace and hope for our generation. Largely the mastermind behind many of the lyrics Triple Threat has to offer, he's worked with other such artists as "The Golden Spoons" and the "Jacks in a Box."
~Zac Attack (Vocals/Bass): Perhaps Earth's most 1337 mortal, his vocals fortify the spirit, causing both angels and demons alike to praise his name merely at the sound of his voice. Nevertheless, his skills at the bass are comparable only in their sheer beauty and splendor.
Triple Threat has a new album "LETS MAKE BABIES" it's amazing. I especially like the songs:
1. Chronicles of Ritter ridge
2. Lets Make Babies
3. Tears of P. Chow
4. Wake up people
5. Langoliers
6. Donde
7. south of the boarder ( tacos with lime)
8. Vegas
and all there other songs
by Diego Dunn April 06, 2009
3 Interscope/Aftertmath MCS. 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Eminem
eminem and dre used to be known as a famous duo, because of 50 theyre known as the triple threat
by queensfinest March 24, 2005
A variation of the shocker whereby the trigger finger is inserted in da pink, and the latter three in da stink.
Yo dat biznitch is such a ho... last night she be axing me fo the triple threat. I be like damn guuurl.. I need to lubricate in dat hood.
by Raneisha Williams September 07, 2004
Three men that fit into each of the following three categories: 1)overweight 2)ugly 3)not nice. These men have absolutely nothing going for them and are clueless to this fact. Strangely enough, these men are rarely single.
Triple-threat usually contains: one pink man, one hairy man and one serial killer
by MarcyyyyyBabyy February 20, 2009
a woman that fits into each of the following three categories: 1)overweight 2)ugly 3)not nice. This woman has absolutely nothing going for her and is clueless to this fact. Strangely enough, this woman is rarely single.
Chris, there is nothing good about your wife. You would think a woman that looked like that would at least have a good personality. She is a true triple-threat.
by jarooney July 10, 2008
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