A very tall, tan skinned male from Indian heritage who has great teeth and will say yes to almost any date.
This term may also be used to refer to a fat girl that dresses like a skinny one, has excessive acne, and huge gums due to braces.
Well, On Zoo days I need to find ways to talk to this one guy, he's a real triple threat, or at least zetto said so.
by Wozinator10 April 27, 2011
The process of having a shit whilst masturbating and throwing up. The order does not matter as long as all three are accomplished in one session.
1. "OH DUDE! I just had a triple threat"

2. "Come on babe I'll show you a triple threat"

3. "Man I feel so ill.. I might have to go triple threat myself just to make myself feel better"
by TheTripleThreat February 23, 2011
A girl who has the three qualities of dangle and drop. These three qualities are Sweet, Seductive, Suicide.
Paige is such a Triple Threat, she has all the guys after her.
by MerliN 420 August 01, 2005
Three exams in one day. This seldomly appears due to lack of school time remaining to finish everything for the semester. Effects of this event could lead students into bad hygene rage insanity insomnia or braindead/damage (zombiefied) Some have lived through this horror and have adapated to this kind of experience.
A: Dude! John just got a triple threat!
B: How can you tell?
C: He looks like a zombie!
by UselessNerd March 11, 2009
it is the use of all three female canals. From behind you insert your pinky in her pee pee (where she pees from) you put your middle and pointer fingers up her vagina and also your thumb in her anus in other words butt hole.
last night i was triple threating and she was like uhhh uhhh and then next thing I knew i had creamed myself
by Phoebeeee January 26, 2007
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