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while involving your self in intercourse with a woman you take advantage of all three holes.
frank: Dude, i got that triple threat last nite.
stan: What the hell is that?
frank: You know, cootie, ass and oral.
stan: sounds sweet dude.
by Fudge Nudger October 17, 2011
Surfing. Dancing. Modeling.

omgosh ur sucha triple threat
by beardedlady2010 August 02, 2011
The process of having a shit whilst masturbating and throwing up. The order does not matter as long as all three are accomplished in one session.
1. "OH DUDE! I just had a triple threat"

2. "Come on babe I'll show you a triple threat"

3. "Man I feel so ill.. I might have to go triple threat myself just to make myself feel better"
by TheTripleThreat February 23, 2011
The act of inserting three fingers (at the same time, not in a triangle) into someones butt. Funnier and more appalling when it is a straight male asking for it.

Hilarious. If you are asked to give, or just decide to give one. You must tell your friends. All of them.
"I gave my boyfriend the Triple Threat last night. I think it's about time we break up."
by TT4Life May 30, 2009
When a person is high as fuck, drunk as fuck, and down to fuck.
Whenever I'm at parties im a triple threat fo sho.
by WFK October 09, 2008
1.(noun) a bowl packed with weed on the bottom, hashish packed in tightly then melted in so as to be absorbed by the pot, then mashed/rolled/sprinkled in kief so as to render the marijuana invisible. most tasteful
2.(verb) to rightously fuck someone up
dude1: that triple threat fucking triple threatened my brain there for an hour or so...
dude2: bro, that was like ten minutes ago.
dude3: <gurgling snore sounds>
by krispy805 July 31, 2008
In combination the contraction of Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. In other words a pure physical delight.
guy 1: dude, why are you scratching your balls so much?

guy 2: I got into some bad poochie and I've had the triple threat ever since.

by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008