When a guy fingers a girl and while he's doing it plays a song like it's a piano.
On Sunday, in the cinema I totally triple threat beth.
by ConnahWroey October 14, 2011
When one fellates his/her partner and makes use of both hands, one stroking gently on the balls, the other stroking the shaft of the penis. While the mouth is also sucking the cock at whatever speed the male deem necessary, thus causing a Triple Threat. This normally causes the male to ejaculate very quickly, no matter how many times he has received the Triple Threat in the past.
Dude, Emily totally came by on my lunch break today, and hit me up with that TRIPLE THREAT!!!!

WHOA, no way! Both hands, seriously!?

by bamagettinmoney November 27, 2009
In combination the contraction of Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. In other words a pure physical delight.
guy 1: dude, why are you scratching your balls so much?

guy 2: I got into some bad poochie and I've had the triple threat ever since.

by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
At Hannaford Supermarket, the job that requires a bagger to clean the bottle room, the "mart carts", and the bases of all of the signs on the front end.
Aileen: Nik, wanna do a triple threat?
Nik: Alright, I guess so.
by Nik17 February 26, 2008
Being able to give women orgasms with ease and grace with your hand, mouth and through intercourse.
- I hear Sam's pretty good in the sack.
- Yeah, he's a triple threat!
by Sambinder June 09, 2007
In Driving, someone who is old, asian, and a woman. (the latter can be exchanged with "on the phone" but the "old" and "asian" characteristics remain a staple in this description.)
Dude, i saw a total triple threat on the road today. she changed four lanes without signaling, cutting of eight people in the process, while going 40 mph on the freeway.
by saycock May 31, 2007
The use of a combination of any three drugs, most commonly alcohol, marijuana, and shrooms.
We were running a triple threat last night, it was insane.
by Slash0 June 30, 2005
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