Porking the juicebox. Flicking the Bean. Spitting on the slit.
Andy put the triple threat on this turkey head last night. His neighbors could hear her yelling and him responding with a GEET.
by Ram Horn the Big Nig June 24, 2010
1. a person adept in three different, but like fields of activity.
2. the myriad combination of balls, taint, and ass. Being so close to the perineal area to see or smell or taste balls, taint and ass.
My girlfriend stopped by to see my father in the hospital, and she walked into his room -- he was in a gown, kneeling up on the bed -- she got the triple threat. She said it was nice.
by poo-nonymous October 22, 2006
This is when you and two other guys stick one penis in each hole(The Anus, The Vagina, and The Mouth).
Usually having the woman feeling more tired faster but the guys pumped up!This is the first version of the word and the second word is Quadruple Threat which you use having 3 other guys and one guy is getting the boobjob!
Johnny:I am gonna triple threat the shit outta her tonight with Brad and Jason.
Samuel:Shit is going down tonight
by Your English Teacher June 21, 2016
A person who is of skill at clitoral stimulation with his hands and attempts and succeeds the three finger penetration.
Douche bag friend- "Hey triple threat heard about you and your gf last night"
Triple threat- "Yeaaaahhhhhh"

"She had like 5 orgasms! That dude is a triple threat"
by Yoffybramba2014 June 03, 2014
An old, asian, woman driver. Most likely to cause fatal accidents on the road. Attack is highly effective.
"Dude that triple threat almost killed us!"
by Penguinlove February 23, 2014
Being under the influence of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine at the same time.
I was feeling bored on Tuesday night so I drank a couple Vodka and Red Bulls then smoked a Black and Mild. Triple threat Tuesday!
by another_person April 15, 2014
while involving your self in intercourse with a woman you take advantage of all three holes.
frank: Dude, i got that triple threat last nite.
stan: What the hell is that?
frank: You know, cootie, ass and oral.
stan: sounds sweet dude.
by Fudge Nudger October 17, 2011
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