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Any entertainer who excels in TV shows, movies, and music.
That Will Smith is the best triple threat, but Jamie Foxx is pretty good too. And Eddie Murphy I guess.
by Inari87 January 19, 2010
Hitting marijuana from a bowl three times before exhaling.
Wesley: oh my gawhd, hitt this shit three times in a row!
Tyler: damn that hitts harder than a bihhh!
Brendan: yeah that shit is crazy.
Wesley: I'm a call it a triple threat.....
by stoneypony1 August 21, 2013
A person who is of skill at clitoral stimulation with his hands and attempts and succeeds the three finger penetration.
Douche bag friend- "Hey triple threat heard about you and your gf last night"
Triple threat- "Yeaaaahhhhhh"

"She had like 5 orgasms! That dude is a triple threat"
by Yoffybramba2014 June 03, 2014
Being under the influence of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine at the same time.
I was feeling bored on Tuesday night so I drank a couple Vodka and Red Bulls then smoked a Black and Mild. Triple threat Tuesday!
by another_person April 15, 2014
Once upon a time there

Ant that loved to
Yet he also loved to

Lure people into his lair and kill them and
Eat their annoying
Noses off
All the time
Person 1: "Yo, have you heard of this new group called 'Triple Threat'"
Person 2: "You bet! They are even cooler than those guys on GTA"
Person 1: "Who? Michael, Franklin, and Trevor?"
Person 2: "Yeah! These guys know how to knife people in the belly button's with pickles"
Person 1: "Dang. That is pretty hardcore. I better stay away from 'Triple Threat'"
by GTAlover2k14 March 19, 2014
An old, asian, woman driver. Most likely to cause fatal accidents on the road. Attack is highly effective.
"Dude that triple threat almost killed us!"
by Penguinlove February 23, 2014
When a guy fingers a girl and while he's doing it plays a song like it's a piano.
On Sunday, in the cinema I totally triple threat beth.
by ConnahWroey October 14, 2011