Triples is an exclamation designed to emphasize a feeling of pure joy. Originates from "triple coolz." Also comes from the latin word coolioeisieis. Triples can also be used to make fun of unorthodox children of brown and yellow color.
Bob: Hey, I just found a dollar:
George: Oh, TRIPLES!
by LEEEEEEEOOOO April 14, 2006
is an abbreviation for "Secret Scrotum Suckers", which is the society for homosexuals who tend to keep their sexual preferences hidden, but oblivious to themselves, make homosexual comments revealing their true sexual preference for males.
Lance: "Steve, have you ever heard of the Triple-s?"

Steve: "OH MY GOD LANCE, yes i have, I am the Treasurer!"
by Te3m3 May 01, 2011
The term used to describe; Puking, Jizzing and Shitting yourself at the same time. Usually during sex
Nathan: I was doing this girl form behind, then bam, tripled myself!
by Wuderz December 27, 2010
Verb; to triple yourself.
The act of vomiting, ejaculating and pooping at the same time.
Adam: "I finally got lucky with Deborah last night!"
Peter: "Really? How was it?"
Adam: "It was going great until I tripled myself."
Peter: "Unlucky man."
by The Tripler December 18, 2010
A relationship involving three individuals.

A couple + 1.
John: OMG! I just saw Chris kissing Max! I guess Chris and Adam aren't a couple anymore?

Jane: No, last week they became a triple.

John: Kinky.
by Spumoni Face February 25, 2011
To simultaneously come, puke and shit. Can be extremely embarrassing, but happens to the best of us.
.....And then I tripled myself. Don't tell me that's never happened to you!
by teddyfuxpin December 16, 2010
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