Drunk friend passes out after puking, pissing and shitting himself.
He's gonna feel like a real DB after he wakes up after the triple crown.
by czech February 22, 2005
A person that has had oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex all in the same day.
Wow, did you hear about Peter, he went for the triple Crown with his Girlfriend. All three in one day.
by GBaby33 May 09, 2009
a bowel movement consisting of logs, chunks, and gravy
"I just pinched a triple crown, wana see it?"
by babbbbzzz December 03, 2009
having at least one friend request, an inbox message, and a notification on facebook all at one time
My facebook was lighting up today! When I signed on I had the triple crown waiting for me.
by TFA41 March 31, 2011
The act of a male receiving manual sex to completion, oral sex to completion and sex from three different girls in one 24-hour period.
Jason triple crowned Katie, Jenny and Alisha last night.
by soccer1988 September 06, 2010
n. Taking three shots in a row with a short and comical, yet obscure toast before each.
Scout: Is the Foz doing a triple crown?
Shark: Yeah.
Foz: This shot goes out to Laura FUCKING Hodgkins!--Then proceeds to take a shot of vodka.
by Nate June 04, 2004
Similar to a blumpkin. Taking a dump while getting a blowjob and simultaneously taking a rip off the bong or sometimes crack pipe.
Mike: Joe talked that strawberry into letting him pull off a triple crown.
Bob: Joe smokes crack?
by Smackjunkie September 02, 2009

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