In combination the contraction of Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. In other words a pure physical delight.
guy 1: dude, why are you scratching your balls so much?

guy 2: I got into some bad poochie and I've had the triple threat ever since.

by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
1. To spittle on two people or during a three way.
2. To be snow blown and then to spittle on a third party.
3. Any time three people are involved in spittling or a combonation including snow blowing.
It was a triple threat after Joe ejaculated in Susan's mouth and she spittled all over Joe and Erika.

It was a triple threat after Susan had snow blown Joe and he spittled all over Erika.
by Corey Curtis September 22, 2007
In Driving, someone who is old, asian, and a woman. (the latter can be exchanged with "on the phone" but the "old" and "asian" characteristics remain a staple in this description.)
Dude, i saw a total triple threat on the road today. she changed four lanes without signaling, cutting of eight people in the process, while going 40 mph on the freeway.
by saycock May 31, 2007
Once upon a time there

Ant that loved to
Yet he also loved to

Lure people into his lair and kill them and
Eat their annoying
Noses off
All the time
Person 1: "Yo, have you heard of this new group called 'Triple Threat'"
Person 2: "You bet! They are even cooler than those guys on GTA"
Person 1: "Who? Michael, Franklin, and Trevor?"
Person 2: "Yeah! These guys know how to knife people in the belly button's with pickles"
Person 1: "Dang. That is pretty hardcore. I better stay away from 'Triple Threat'"
by GTAlover2k14 March 19, 2014
the act of going to the bathroom and pooping, peeing, and ejaculating in the toilet, all in the same bathroom session.
How was your bathroom break.
I had a great Triple Threat
by October 23, 2013
Surfing. Dancing. Modeling.

omgosh ur sucha triple threat
by beardedlady2010 August 02, 2011
A very tall, tan skinned male from Indian heritage who has great teeth and will say yes to almost any date.
This term may also be used to refer to a fat girl that dresses like a skinny one, has excessive acne, and huge gums due to braces.
Well, On Zoo days I need to find ways to talk to this one guy, he's a real triple threat, or at least zetto said so.
by Wozinator10 April 27, 2011

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