someone or something that is mentally handicapped, riddled with learning disabilities, or retarded
I have to deal with this woman at work that is so trigged, she can't even turn on her computer without needing help.
by aJayBoulder1 September 20, 2008
Top Definition
Trigged, Trigged out, Trigged to the max. Something that is retarded or stupid. Etymology: Trig Palin.
That guy is totally trigged.
by mollja2 September 21, 2008
Lame, retarded, broken, below functioning level, funny-looking, weird.
Also, when something is not going well.
Originating from Sarah Palin's down syndrome baby.
"Look at this grape, it's so trigged."

"I'm not going to ride your trigged bike."

"That handicapped giraffe looks trigged."

"My life is so trigged right now."
by mayanrebel April 26, 2009
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