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1. Shortened noun form of niggas be trippin; a trippin nigga

2. Conjunction of the words trick and nigga; a cheap black prostitute
Example 1:

Cop: what happened?
Partner: some rival gangs had a shoot out over territory boundaries.
Cop: wow, what triggas

Example 2:

Rapper: hey man i need some hookers
Pimp: what kind? i got asian, latina, dominatrix...
Rapper: nah man, i need some triggas
by Mr.Joshy January 26, 2012
10 9
Trigga is used to define someone who is a 100% Homie G nigga.
From my heart to the trigga you my fuckin nigga.
by kyle January 29, 2005
193 62
Trigga is Trey Songz nickname.
Look at my sexy nigga Trigga!
by Mrs.Neverson November 08, 2010
68 37
Code word used instead of nigga. Started in Dallas, TX by Packer fans at the super bowl.
I'mma cheesehead yall triggas cheese wizz
by cheese wizzi February 07, 2011
34 23
three niggas
shiit i just saw a trigga come by watch out man
by ydakrakra July 27, 2011
25 25
Differently pronounced version of " Trigger "
" Pull tha trigga muahfuka! "
by HolyG July 16, 2006
58 61
Abbreviation for "trifflin' ass nigga"
Chad is such a trigga!
by Cheerguyryan August 02, 2011
18 23