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Something nasty, gross, disgusting, or indecent.
Yo, clean out your fridge SON, this rotten pizza is straight trife.
by Stryknine November 07, 2006

A loose woman; a woman of the night.
Guy 1: Man, Chelsea has become such a skank!
Guy 2: Jeez, what a trife!
by promiscuousgrl October 10, 2007
A word popularized in 7 ICU by Julie and Andy to describe how extremely dissatisfied or disgusted they are at any particular point of time.
Julie exclaims, "This is so trife!" as she begins to clean up a monsterous pile of shit. Andy laughing states, "That is indeed trife!" and walks away to let her clean it up.
by Colonel Angus August 20, 2004
Some that is dissatisfying. Not to the standards of your approval.
ARGH! She is SO trife.
Dang, that mess is trife.
Trife stuff makes me so angry.
I can't handle any more of this trifeness.
by MoniFan October 26, 2003
disturbances, violence, theivery, turmoil
In nightime there more trife than ever!
by David Koresh June 01, 2005
- somethin that is cool, hot, sick,
Yo, you see that new lexus? Hell yea that shit is mad trife son
by trife April 08, 2006