Trophy Wives. Good-looking middle aged women often found clinging to the arm of an older, wealthy man serving no other purpose than to look pretty and make the peers of her husband jealous.
Did you see that group of investment bankers walk in with their trives on their arms?
by sofasofa February 08, 2011
A word used to describe someone who is acting annoying or bitty like. Trife can be used as a term of endearment or insult.
This trife girl in my class kept on asking questions so we didn't get out early.
by bittylover November 30, 2010
actin shady,to think crookedly. doing whatever it takes to survive, no matter who u step on 2 get 2 where u need to be.
My niggaz stash knives, we livin trife in this bitch.

Niggas is trife, fumble and lose ya life.
by s 2 the u December 27, 2005
"trailer life"
She's really trife, she came to school in her dad's wife beater.
by Jbabyyyyyyyy May 19, 2009
doing whatever it takes to get some, no matter who its with or who you have to step over to get laid.
Damn did you see Tracy at the party? She was trife as fuck tonight.
by che clavatista May 22, 2010
1. Similar to trippin and a step above the standard "Triflin", Trife can be used to describe any situation that goes above and beyond the normal level of trifling or what one would expect from an average trifler.

2. A sidetrifler.

3. Seasoned in the art of triflin.

Yo you heard about Shaniqua down the Heights? That skank ho be hookin it up on 3rd and Park! That heffer be mad trife son!!!
by vybz August 05, 2007
kusty,disgusting and ugly
Samson: yo, that girl's hot
Sean Reboh: yo, that girl's fucking trife
Samson: yo, hop off my level real talks my bregon
by smagmar June 05, 2009
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