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An annual, nationwide, 24-hour scavenger hunt.
Commonly referred to as "Trica" due to it's long name.
At midnight, each team (composed of up to 5 high school or college students) is given a list of tasks to complete. It is at this point that the game officially begins.
Tasks and items on the list are given point values based on the level of difficulty. In this game, every hour matters! It is different from most games in the sense that there are no official rules, bribing the judges is allowed, and cheating is encouraged.
Each year, the team that wins gets to be the judges the following year.
Bob: Hey! Are you doing Trica this year??
Sally: Umm.. maybe, what is it?
Bob: Tricadecathlonomania. Only the best thing EVER!
Sally: Wow, count me in!
by tacobell April 15, 2006
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