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A term for describing a cat. Based on the fact that a cat's head is shaped like a triangle. Hence the term, triangle head.
Man that triangle head is swamping all over these floors.

I'm sick of your triangle heads rank fish breath.

God, that broad owns a lot of triangle heads.
by Hate the player not the game June 23, 2009
When people, mostly blacks, have a point at the top of their head, making it look like a triangle
1. Look at that triangle head!!
2. Man, i wish i didn't have a triangle head
by PEDOHORSE December 30, 2011
a triangle head is some who possesses a head or fringe shaped like a triangle
the most famous triangle head is denis o' keefe
hup out of that triangle head
by awwwladdd May 06, 2011
A person with a head resembling an inverted triangle, the chin being the point.
James Fox is a right fucking triangle head.
by Johnny Knobrot May 21, 2009
someone with one weird triangle head. kinda like an acorn
aj has a triangle head
by bigpornwatchinguy October 18, 2012
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