Name that is usaully associated with someone that would use the phrase "Silly Goose" and contrary to popular belief has an average to small penis and according to many surveys likes to be fucked in the ass.
Julian:"Wow that kid sure looks like a fag."

Ashlyn:"Ya he is a total Trevor."
by Anomylous112233 July 26, 2011
A bipolar maniac. An it that sits in a chair and makes love with his one best friend, the computer. A Trevor claims to always be right and cant entitle people to their opinions without yelling so hard that he shits his pants.
I'm so glad my dad isn't a Trevor.
by iamacookie August 07, 2011
1. Someone who wears a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch and drives a pimped out Range Rover.

2. The ultimate form of humanity.

3. Highest form of evolution.

4. Someone who keeps their pimp hand strong and never lets their hos get out of line.
Trevor is the ultimate playa of Coral Reef. All his hos know their place.

Trevor is superior to all.

Everyone wants to be a Trevor but they can't.
by Trevor F. January 23, 2007
A parasitic creature that feeds off of others until they have no further use. The creature cannot hold or maintain a job for an extended period of time. The Trevor usually goes after women with a low self esteem because they are easier to nail. Trevor also has a distinct wet dog odor.
get a job and quit being a Trevor
by mrsheart January 23, 2011
An exceedingly nasty vagina. Often found on larger women, or girls with excessive arm hair. A Trevor is not curable, once a girl has a Trevor, she will always have a Trevor
-Did you have sex with big girl last night?
-Nah, that bitch had a Trevor.
by HamAndCheeseOnBRI December 07, 2010
A total dildo.
Hey have you met Trevor?

Yeah, he's a total dildo.
by hallomietzekatze September 26, 2010
A troll who usually spends most of his time on Facebook pa'trollin. He also sucks at World of Warcraft.
Dude, don't be such a trevor, at least go on myspace

WTF dude you're so horrible at WoW, don't be a trevor.
by kehsihba October 25, 2010
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