The gayest kid out there, also very unathletic and sucks at everything he does.
Eww its Trevor
by MagSafes October 25, 2014
The name given to someone who is too scared or unwilling to do a trivial activity. Often used as a derogatory term, being called a Trevor is not something to brag about.

The Trevor will in many situations not participate in activities with friends, instead preferring to sitting out all alone with nothing to do.
Lisa: Hey Trevor come into the water!

John: Look at me I'm Trevor, I don't want to get my balls cold so I only go knee deep!

Lisa: God damn it Trevor you're the only one with a shirt on at the beach!

Trevor: I'll just go sit all alone in the sand!

John: You are such a Trevor.
by grigs August 09, 2012
a cocky mother fucker he is such a consieded bastard. scientific studies show that most trevors have no balls and they barely even have dicks. they are all faggots and are rude and selfish.
trevor is gay
by shindindi December 31, 2011
Trevor is a fugly gay fegit an he has a lot of acne. Trevor is actually very considerate though, and pays attention to people's feelings. And he provides lots of chocolate.
Man1: hey did u see Trevor??

Man2: yeas. He's a fegit.

Girl1: but he gave me chocolate
Man1 and Man2: woo he's awesome
by Shishkabob Vanyumyum February 15, 2014
1. Another name for a real big jerk. Also know as Big Ass Hole. The type of guy that would Fuck your mother. A liar and does not keep secrets.

2. Or giving excuses
1. Oh just stop being a big Trevor.

2. Stop being a Trevor and giving excuses.
by Sir Bird Turd November 03, 2011
A latin word that means piece of shit, or, smells like asshole.
Im not sure sweetie but it smells like a Trevoris anus from the sphincter species. there must be one nearby.
by Erkcadick June 06, 2011
Trevors are often pedofiles who pray on young men. They are strange and are a burden on many families. They like to sit around doing sfa and just being a bolox

To rape a young boy is to trevor them
Priest1: where were you and where is darragh
Priest2: i took him to the back and trevored him.
by mr person 123 December 30, 2011

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