it means 'LARGE COCK'
Trevor has a huge dick
by i_fuk_bitces February 01, 2014
Basically, the epitome of a fuckboy.
Oh Trevor? Yeah, he's a fuckboy.
by Caseym January 02, 2015
Trevor is a guy that seems sweet, he can be loving and caring but he's a total dick and is arrogant and selfish so don't be fooled by the way he looks.
At first Trevor was kind.
by koolkidj May 14, 2015
A really crazy psychopath that lives in los santos in GTAV. While many people hate him inside the game, in the real world, he is one of the favorites people will enjoy. He drives a truck for hillbillies and enjoys running over people in it. Keep entertaining us Trevor, ok?
trevor is 1 of 3 players people chan choose from in gtav
by Duh_Herro February 12, 2014
Tall, lanky fella.
Usually very sexy.
Nicknamed "King of booty"
Likes to carry Pokemon cards in his wallet, and is usually into very kinky stuff.
Most likely to be gay, but is very mysterious.
Nevertheless, he is the best.
Trevor: you only like me for the booty don't you?
Victoria: yes.
by dorkofdorks July 21, 2014
A homosexual duckling.
The Trevor was run over by a bus.
by PeenutButterNJelly May 21, 2013
The gayest kid out there, also very unathletic and sucks at everything he does.
Eww its Trevor
by MagSafes October 25, 2014

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