A joker, he has a come back for anything. Although some of his jokes are mean, most make you laugh. Trevor cant seem to express his emotion well. He is smart. He is some one people fall for.
you:"I love you"
Trevor:"I know"
by monkey090909 December 15, 2013
super amazing guy greatest person ever all the cool girls really want to date him he is so awesome
hey look at that trevor

yeah he's so awesom
by cheezecakez September 30, 2011
He is a beautiful person, inside and out. I've known him a while and to me, he's just a sweet guy. Yes, he's having issues with comitment at the moment, but I think all he is looking for is acceptance. When I see Trev, my heart litterally sinks and it's hard to keep a smile from my face everytime we talk. He doesn't know I still feel this way about him, I really wish I could let him know again.. But things change, and he's moved on..alot. Lacroix also has an amazing smile, and a great sense of humor.
"you see Trevor right over there?" guy 1

"yeah, i wish he still liked me" girl 1
"he's no good" guy 1
"thats what you think, he's amazing" girl 1
by StandByMeGirl<3 April 04, 2011
a male given name. Having this name is tantamount to owning 69 ferraris, Vanilla Ice being your father, and your girlfriend being scarlet johansson.
Ben: Holy shit your name is Trevor?
Trevor: yep, thats my name, dont wear it out
Ben: youre so fucking kool
by Ben19999999 March 30, 2009
A very smart, talented boy.
Shy, but outgoing at the same time.
Loves to play piano.
Kindest person you'll ever meet.
The definition of love.

"I think I'm in Trevor with you."
by drummerchick_990 July 14, 2011
He's the best thing that'll happen to you. He's very sweet , the romantic type. He's lovable , caring,wonderful and extremely different from all the other guys on this earth.He's somebody you want ro spend the rest of your life with.Its something about him that makes him so amazing.He'll make you feel safe and sound but most importantly loved. Trevor is some kind of wonderful. He will bring perfection to your life unexpectedly but it'll change the rest of your life as long as you have him in your life. I'm impressed by the love and affection my boyfriend Trevor gives me <3 he's the most realist person you'll meet. He'll make you feel unbelievably real, and make you stomach fill with butterflies & also make your heart race uncontolably <3 . You'll love him so much , truly madly and deeply <3
by AutRose111 July 05, 2013
A word originating from the movie fight club meaning badass,sexy, athletic, and funny.
Man the guy is so Trevor.
by Regains October 26, 2013

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