A guy that is like a brother and a person with a giant penis. Also with a good and bad past but any girl would be happy if he was their boyfriend.Nice charming,sexy and anamzing person. There would be no happiness without him.Usually known as the popular Qtr Back football star and pretty tall with blonde hair.
Omg did you hear that every girl hear loves Trevor
Yea but i hear he cares about his sister
by lombardis sissy August 14, 2009
Trevor is a hot,sexy guy that all the girls want to be with...He also has the biggest dick out there...He is the most amazing guy out there...
Dallas thought he was a Trevor,but then he realized he was a transgender.
by Dallas Miligan-GreenzTheShizz December 28, 2009
A cool name for a kid.
A word from Welsh, and British decent.
"Trevor Linden is such a European fox"
by Tjonez(nexopia) June 12, 2005
The most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. Someone who manages to make me smile, just by looking at me. Someone I couldn't stand to be without and someone I love with all my heart. Trevor is the most amazing person in the world.
by LivelyLiv February 20, 2011
The name referred to the winning/lead player in an online or split-screen match in the game,

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"

It originated from when a group of 3 COD players were playing a split-screen match. The least experienced player shouted "TREVOR!" as the winning player killed him in the match. The lead player looked at him with confusion and asked "Who's Trevor?". He answered saying "I have no idea".
Since then, the winning player was always referred to as "Trevor"
Yes! I'm Trevor now!

So, who's Trevor in this match?
by Popper818 November 22, 2009
Trevor is te best guy you will ever meet! He is thoughtful, athletic and extremely adorable. He is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to! You could stay up all night and he will never be tired talking to you! He can be a big dork at times but I don't care! Everyone judges him and he often let's it get to him but he always seeks help from near by friends! He hates stereotyping and he loves football! He is a pro but gets mad cause the coaches pull him out! Trevor your amazing and you just don't see it, your a well thought out guy and you know that you want an you open your heart ti everyone who needs it your a gret guy Trevor don't let anyone tell you different! Your one of kind and a special boy, intelligent, well rounded, sweet, sexy, adorable, loving, faithful and loyal! Trevor Is the best!
Trevor talked to Rebecca and really opened up to her.
by Rebecca Preston September 26, 2012
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