Someone who you can trust your life with. A guy that's so sweet and amazing you could never let him go. The man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and an over all perfect person.
I love Trevor.
by emilyvincent August 22, 2009
Top Definition
Trevor is an English name usually given to boys. It is an ancient celtic word meaning "large penis". Through scientific investigations and surveys, scientists have found that suprisingly almost every man named Trevor has an above average penis length and width.
Example: Trevor has an extraordinarily large penis.
by Bob2216 May 03, 2007
A unit of measure equal to 1 dick-pound of thrust. Most often used to measure the amount of sexual prowess needed for a woman to achieve orgasm.

To convert to metric units 1000 Trevors is equal to 1 metric Dick-Ton of force
Man, Angelina Jolie is easy it only took me 3 Trevors to make her squeal.

Damn! Britney is fucking tight! It took me 50 Trevors just to get up in that!
by FlagMan1791 September 07, 2008
The best friend a girl could ever have! EVER! Life would suck without Trevor. He's sweet, funny, adorable, outgoing, and not afraid of his inner nerd! Any girl would be SUPER lucky to date Trevor and I would be jealous of whoever she may be! :)

So yeah, the greatest person, inside and out, ever brought into this earth!
"Omg, do you know Trevor?"

"Yes! I'm so in love with him! He's such an amazing person!"
by her! February 01, 2009
Most amazing boy in the world. Can always make you happy and smile whenever needed. Isn't just a boyfriend, but also a best friend. Sweet, adorible and awesome. One of the hottest boys on the earth :]
"Look at that Trevor, I wanna be just like him!"

"That boy is Trevolicious!"

by Torebear11 August 09, 2008
The perfect guy! Very considerate and self sacrificing. A great sense of humor but serious when needed. He is a child at heart. Can always cheer you up. Great communication if you approach him right. Very honest and not afraid to say what he thinks. Great with numbers, but not spelling. Will be your best friend when you need it even if he wants more. Amazing in bed but doesnt boast.
Trevor is my best friend and my husband... he is my everything I need.
by EnDrummerChick March 02, 2010
A truly awe inspiring guy with dazzling good looks and a personality that will leave you wanting to be in his company all the time. A very gorgeous, sexy, kind person who is incredibly charismatic to the point where you'll be personally escorted to heaven and back with his charming ways. He has beautiful diamond like eyes which have the ability to look deep into your heart.

A super fun guy to be around with, he can make you laugh for hours on end and a biproduct of his awesome humor are nicely toned abs:) He is a beautiful person who cares for everyone and he loves his family and friends very much. He cares a great deal about them and would go to many lengths to see them happy. He loves to be with nature and go on camping (and possible gold mining expeditions ;)) to unwind and for the adventure. He also has a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures.

An incredibly wonderful and lovable guy who you'll instantly fall in love with. He is perfection in a bottle but he always remains humble and caring for others feelings. Everyone loves him and the lucky girl to be with him, is one of the most blessed creatures belonging to the female species in the world. If he walks into your life... keep him close to you - he doesn't know it yet... but he is out of this world.
Johnny Walker: "Haha... man that was a funny joke, man, Trevor man, bro man... haha"
Jim Bean: "Yeah, that was like totally awesome. How come you're so funny, mate?"
Trevor: "I don't know... im just being myself"
Jim Bean: "Wow... dude... i wish I was as hilarious and charming as you!"
Johnny Walker: "Heeeey man!" he says lifting up his shirt "I have instant abs.... awesome!!!"

They all stare in wonder at the magic of Trev's humor... truly Ab inspiring...:)
by texterpens4u May 29, 2010
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