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1. Place where there is absolutely nothing to do.

2. Place where the people are rednecks and illiterate.

3. Place where if you weren't bornand raised there, don't bother trying to become a part of the town.
Having nothing is the same as living in Trenton, FL
by Vilgous Ambinonem January 04, 2011
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A small town about 30 miles west of Gainesville, FL. The main attractions currently include a Subway, an old train depot now used primarily for town events, and the elementary and high schools. No one notable has yet to emerge from this town, and if you are planning to go there, advice from a resident: don't.
Person 1: Where are you from?

Person 2: Trenton.

Person 1: Trenton, New Jersey?

Person 2: No, Trenton, Florida.
by Ellienigmatic January 16, 2011
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