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The Italian word for 30.
Not originally the Starbucks hugeass drink, but Starbucks named it that because it is three times the size of a tall, just like their venti, the Italian word for 20, is two times the size of a tall.
Person 1: Dude! Check out my Starbucks trenta!
Person 2: You know trenta means 30 in Italian, right?
by Italianguy1001 February 03, 2011
Mind-blowingly excessive and bizarre
That merger of AOL and Huffington Post has the potential to be trenta frappy.
by sparkyjdc February 07, 2011
Starbuck's new coffee size, a whopping 31-ounces.
Nia: It's midnight and I haven't even started studying for tomorrow's finals.

John: Sounds like you need a Trenta.
by DrJekyll January 18, 2011