A code word for the ingestment of wieght gaining suppliments.
"Mate have you been Trent Reznoring again? You gotta lay off the creatine and horse steroids or you are gonna fuck your liver!"
by Pyramid head August 30, 2005
On a scale of one to 10, Trent is an 8. An average size dick, but a good fuck. He'll fuck you like an animal. He loves dildos, candles, hot wax, blindfoldes, etc.
Goddamn, he was about as good as Trent Reznor!
by WhoAmI57483 August 10, 2009
1) a prick.
2) worst root ever.
3) the 40 year old emo.
Hurt: I hurt myself today
to see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
the only thing that's real

Pretty much EVERY song is either about him getting laid, or being the depressed asshole that Trent Reznor is.
Laziest bastard in music today. Has released 3 studio albums since 1989.
Has in past spent spare time touring, playing doom, scoring for movies, drinking, hanging out with manson, playing quake, hanging out with bowie, touring, playing metroid prime, hanging out with maynard and pretending to write an album.
Since 2002, Reznor has announced that he won't be doing the Doom 3 soundtrack, that the Tapeworm project is dead and that he is nowhere near finishing Bleedthrough.
by Angy June 18, 2004
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