1) Musical genious responsible for the "band" (if you would call it that) Nine Inch Nails.

2) Founder of record company "nothing."
Trent Reznor is a musical genious.
by Un4m3r1c4n November 30, 2004
Infamed sole NIN member, who once came under fire in 1994 when a parent found a copy of his 1992 violent short snuff-esque film Broken (based upon the EP of the same name, features a man being castrated and dismembered, amongst other violent moments) in her daughter's VCR and immediately called the police.
1992's Broken EP is scientifically proven to be THE shit.
by Black Zombie December 12, 2003
An attractive musician, usually put in the "industrial metal" catagory.
Trent Reznor is amazing.
by llama July 02, 2003
an insanely talented genius depressed musician slash sex god
I want to have his children
by Amanda is Naff July 09, 2003
Composer and singer for industrial-rock band Nine Inch Nails. Writes some truly inspirational and thought-provoking lyrics while combining them with great drums, synth, and guitars.
Trent Reznor is teh ub3r c00lz0rz omg!11
by TylerDurden2001 April 15, 2003
1.A really hot guy.
2. lead singer and creater of "nine inch nails".
"wow Trent Reznor is a really hot guy and nin rocks!"
by LORI April 23, 2005
Trent Reznor is in the "band" Nine Inch Nails,even though its just him.
Yes,he may not have released a whole lot of albums in the long space of time he has been a recording artist,but the ones that have been released have been fecking AWESOME & electrifying.So quit calling him a lazy bastard.
His lyrics are so insightful,and beautiful.Through his lyrics,he has saved my life twice.
He has revolutionised music,not just electronic music,but music as a whole.
He is awesome
See god,genius and beautiful for more definitions of Trent Reznor
by Beccah April 11, 2006

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