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Trendy chav gals are peepz hu dress in tight jeans to show ya figure n dressy tops eg strappy,low cut ones. some peeps fink dat they are slags but they aint. i AM A TRENDY CHAV N I MUST ADMIT WE AV BAD ATTITUDES,u cud say we dress lyk trendies n have chavy attitudes we sometimes dress in joggers n our fav creps(trainers)are tn's r nike air max ones. i love the way i am,most trendy chavs smoke,drink n smoke weed n thats just how me n ma peepz lyk it!!!!!wud u wannabe a trendy chav gal?????
a perfect example of a trendy chav gal iz ur typical chav wit the nikey creps n bad attitude but we dress more trendy n dont wear our hair in side ponytails,we are addicted to our straighters!!!!!we talk lyk chavs 2 eg init,creps,inabizzle,ight n shit lyk dat.
by ellouise October 10, 2006

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