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A Trendy Black Guy is someone who wears Alife sneakers, A.P.C Jeans, loves BAPE etc. He usually hangs with others like himself and does "cool" things depending on what your definition of cool is. He frequently visits trendyblackguy.com to feed his ego and learn more about others like him as well.

Trendy Black Guys love girls with style too and will usually convert a girl, lacking in style, that they like to a Trendy version of her former self.
question: How do I become a Trendy Black Guy?
answer: Go to SoHo and shop in the all the boutiques!

you: Hey, that girl is cute but her style is lame!
me: No problem, as a Trendy Black Guy, I can change her to my liking
by jweezy225 June 03, 2009

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