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Someone, usually girls, who wears/owns trendy things. For example:

-Uggs (sheepskin boots)
-Lance Armstrong bracelets
-furry-hooded winter coats
-huge sunglasses
-cell phone
-those thin fishnet-plastic sandal things
-Invicta backpacks
-brands such as Parasuco, American Eagle, etc.
-iPod (newer than 20 gig)
-Converse Chuck sneakers
-tight jeans (on guys)
-being tall and skinny (guys) (obviously this can't be helped)
-Drew Carey glasses (thick- and dark-rimmed glasses)
-Hair, usually black, that is approx. down to the nose, and pulled down to one side on an angle, partly covering the forehead
-big fat skater shoes
-Enyce clothing
-baseball caps pointed semi-forward and pointing semi-up

Unfortunately, preppy-trendwhore girls are often quite attractive, so calling her a trendwhore may not be 100% bad.

I must point out that I didn't notice this stuff until I moved to Toronto, so this list may not in fact be a list of trendy things, as much as it's a list of what girls (and guys) simply wear in Toronto, or at my high-fashion university.

Also, it's possible that I've offended everyone with this definition; even I have some of the things on that list.
They don't necessarily wear all of these things at once, but certain people will wear several at once...for example, a preppy trendwhore might wear huge sunglasses, a Lance Armstrong bracelet, a pompadour, Uggs in the winter, and carry a cell phone, whereas an emo-ska-punk kid might wear Chucks, tight jeans, thick-rimmed glasses and have hair angled to one side of the forehead.
A follower. A sheep. A tool unable to think for himself, looking for others to guide him. Wants to conform so badly it hurts. A leech of a human being sucking on the teat of Corporate America to get at the rancid milk known as popular culture. A social leper. A fool.

See Also: Goth, Prep, Punk, Emo Kid, Hipster, Sk8ter, Vally Girl, Wigger, Gangsta, Metrosexual, and Townie
Trendwhores are the AIDS of creativity.
by Ninja Disaster August 17, 2004
1. One who follows and lives by the current trend (dying/spiking hair, sagging pants, using specific words in every sentence, etc)
2. One who holds no real opinions and/or will not accept radical theories. They are hypocritical and typically expect the world to be fair. They do not recognize the seriousness or reality of world events such as Rwanda. They think that good intentions will always lead to a positive output and they typically think that their problems are worse than everyone else’s.
1. “You should bleach your hair. It’ll look really cool, especially if you spike it, too.” “Ok”

2. Trend Whore: “I hate school”
Me: “Why”
Trend Whore: “Because I have to do homework and my teachers are gay”
Me: “Well, without school, you’d be an idiot with no friends, huh?”
Trend Whore: “Uh… I guess so”
Me: “Then school isn’t so bad, isn’t it?”
Trend Whore: “Shut up, fag. You’re gay as hell.”
by Lance April 16, 2004
A person who changes their entire personality and wardrobe when trends change.
Wow, nice abercrombie shirt you stupid trend whore.
by RustyT April 01, 2004
A person who falls for every single musical and fashion trend that corporate executives shit out. See also: Avril Fan, Hipster, Modern Punk, Mallcore
You listen to Switchfoot? Haha, you're such a stupid trendwhore.
by Ollie Oxenfree May 29, 2004
Some Idiot, that follows every thing they see on MTV and BET. Those people that walk around, sporting paris hilton gear, and or the latest American Eagle shit.

Every non-trendwhore should join together, go to malls and mumble under their breath about the trendwhores and rudely stare at them.
by Meganekko May 10, 2006
One who does not set trends, however follows a trend until they have strangeled every last drop of originality out of it. This is especially true in the current graphics design scene. A trendwhore can be characterized as anybody that wears the livestrong bracelets, or is friends with anybody that wears the livestrong bracelets. Usually they lack the mental capacity of knowing they are a trendwhore, therefore are hopeless and inevitably doomed.
Damn, that Jeffery is a trendwhore, he even follows trends Savy sets!!
by Eric April 24, 2005
a girl, usually a bitch to other girls, who follows major trends (examples: designer purses, ugg boots, lululemon, puffy jackets, layered clothing, etc) and is usually covered in an inch of makeup. trend whores are often unnaturally skinny and have unusual amounts of testosterone.
"that trend whore thinks she's so cool, but do i see a tissue poking out of her bra?"
by becca-w January 20, 2006