long coat made from stiff material like heavy duty cotton. invented durind civil war times after soldiers were constantly falling into battle trenches.
long jacket with tie around waist. The soldiers wore trench coats to keep them warm.
by anney April 12, 2008
The act of skinning someone and wearing said skin around as a coat.
That guy is giving me the creeps, he is looking to trench-coat me.
by ChristaLiz September 22, 2010
Long ass coats that have huge pockets on the inside perfect for holding guns,drugs,stolen items etc.
The cops funs a gun and a ounce of coke in the pockets of his trench coat
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
Verb. To trench coat. Trench coating.

To preform sexual foreplay with the aid of a trench coat. Also may involve pole-dancing, striptease, and various name-calling.
"So what were you up to last night?"
"Oh the usual."
"The usual?" 0.o
"Me and Avs were getting it down, trench coating it all night long."
by That Random Chick January 21, 2008
1. Generally a long coat (down to the knees), that can come in a variety of styles and/or colors; can be worn over a sports jacket and tie during cold weather.
2. A ratty long black coat worn by a 14-year old social outcast pretending to be a Goth, or who wants to freak everyone in his school out by making them think he's a psycho killer. The wearer will be KO'd in the hallway sometime during the second semester.
The trenchcoat kid claimed he saw Jesus on the wall during detention this morning; someone oughtta knock the crap out of that little fuck.
by Bobby Ganoosh November 10, 2003
Long coats that only look good on certain people (Peter Murhpy). Unfortunately, almost everyone you see wearing a trench coat is a really ugly acne-faced video gamer.
"Mommy, why is that scary man wearing a big coat? He scares me!"

"Don't mind him, Jimmy, he's harmless. He'll beat you at Halo, but that's about it."
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
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