or trekker

a devotee of the Star Trek television series
These Trekkies need lives.
by Light Joker June 21, 2005
n. an over-eager, hyper-fanatical person; a zealot

v. to go crazy about something

Etymology: from Star Trek, a sci-fi TV show, whose fans are infamous for dressing in costumes inspired by the tv series
Person 1: How come you don't know when Edgar Allan Poe died?

Person 2: Sorry, but I'm no trekkie on Allan Poe.
by Thyme March 26, 2005
The average trekkie is an individual who devotes there time to watching star trek, and little else. This is oftn considered sad and a real let down for the ladies.
'Craig u fuckin trekkie, get your head out of spok's ass and get a girl friend'.
by Nicky Pilkington February 24, 2006
Anyone who watches star trek is considered a trekkie.
Omg Your A Damn Trekkie!
by John Doe June 27, 2004
A person whose primary source of entertainment stems from stuff that didn't really happen. Root comes from the fanatical popularity of the sci-fi show Star Trek.
Dag, why are you so obsessed with that make-believe shit. You stinkin' Trekkie - have you ever even kissed a girl?
by Luanas Malsi August 26, 2005
(n.) An avid fan of star trek. Can usually name all the cast, including cameos and what number episode they appeared. Hates the next generation and other 90's spinoffs.
The stereotypical trekkie is a nerd who uses the internet way too much, and has never had a girlfriend, or any other huamn contact asides from his mother and other trekkies.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
In an ideal world, target practice for real science fiction fans.
Damned Trekkies...
by TheFreak March 10, 2003

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