The top part of your foot, below the shin, and above the toes. Very painful when stomped on.
Man, you just stomped on my tred!, I think I just shattered my tred.
by Mike Blumberg. July 10, 2008
Top Definition
The top part of your foot below your shin. Usually hurts like a bitch when it gets stomped on.
Man, you just kicked me in my tred!, Man, I think you shattered my tred
by Mike Blumberg July 10, 2008
To totally destroy something. Usually this thing will have lots of tears and rips in it after the tredding.
I'm gonna tred that piece of.....flannel.
by Lil Brudder October 15, 2009
Used in the old days meaning to have sex with another of the opposite sex. to totally have to ruffest sex you have ever had. In other words. (beat the hell out of the pussy.)
Ay girl when you goin to let me tred.
or I treded the hell out this girl last night
by babytuche February 23, 2007
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