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N. Any basketball team that is utterly dominant on the basketball court in both styleish custom socks and also maintains the ability to always beat other better teams... even if they are all white. The Tre Ballas normally includes three to four good basketball players, four to five average players and one that is really bad at basketball but is sent out on the court for the sole purpose of hurting the opposing teams best player(s). Normally a team classified as a "Tre Balla" is a PRUMC Champion 06', 07', and 08'
Guy 1- "Damn that team was so good even though they were all white, those were some Tre Ballas for sure"
Guy 2- "Yea they are gonna be PRUMC champs for sure"
Guy 1- " Its amazing to see a bunch of white kids ballin like that"
by turner Levison December 27, 2005
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