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The American dialect that combines a Southern accent with a Baltimore background; named for and made popular by John Travolta via his role as Edna Turnblad in the 2007 movie HAIRSPRAY. In this dialect, the prominent characteristic pertains to the letter "i"; the usual long sound of the "i" becomes both shortened and femonized, resulting in a phonetic sound resembling "ah." Travolta's best example from the movie: "I've got to finish ahroning your clothes." Additionally, Travolta has used this personalized dialect in other films, such as GREASE and LOOK WHO'S TALKING.
1. That line included speech that sounded very Travoltese: This film has been made possible by Tahre Ahron Puductions.

2. If somebody makes a reference to a hoover at work, that person could be fahred.
by Allin December 26, 2007

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