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Travel-Zombie syndrome (TZS), a type of social disorder, is a potentially disabling condition. People with TZS are plagued by an assortment of unpleasant symptoms that cause the afflicted to resemble the walking deceased. The social and professional ramifications of TZS can range from ruined business opportunities to damaged friendships and inappropriate altercations with strangers.


- Unpleasant disposition
- Bloodshot eyes
- Reduced cognitive abilities
- Uncontrollable drooling
- Garbled speech
- Irrational outbursts
- Chronic neck fatigue

Very little research is available on TZS but some physicians and most flight attendants agree, TZS is very real. TZS is usually caused by long periods of travel in uncomfortable conditions with little or no sleep. In some studies, poorly designed travel pillows were noted to be a major contributing factor to the onset of TZS.

The only known treatment for TZS is the Travel Halo,
Travel-Zombie Syndrome (TZS)

Innocent Bystander: "This guy was stumbling around yelling nonsense. Then he ripped apart a travel pillow, threw it on the ground, stomped on it and ran away sobbing."

Airport Security: "Sounds like TZS"
by ZombieDoc May 06, 2012

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