A mix between the words 'Trifling' and 'Ratchet'

Someone (usually a female) who is:

1.) Really ghetto.

2.) Really gross/disgusting/ugly.

3.) Really annoying.
Boy: Oh my, she's ratchet!

Girl: Oh no, she's tratchet.
by Daisy Exxo September 19, 2012
Top Definition
A combination of trashy and ratchet. Used for classless and vulgar individuals.
Person 1: Jake looked so tratchet the morning after. He still had cum on his hands.
Person 2: Oh my god right, he even licked it off when I pointed it out. Pure tratchetness.
by tratchet September 21, 2014
A mix of trash and ratchet
Girl#1:"hey girl what you listening to?"
Girl#2: "some new iggy azelia!"
Girl#1: " she is so tratchet"
GIrl#2: "bitch please shes my role model!"
Girl#1: *middle finger to all the Tratchet bitches*
by UberCoolBitch January 26, 2015
The hybrid mix of white trash and ratchet hoes.
She is wearing shredded leggings and high heels to Disneyland. She is straddling her boyfriend before ever ride. That girl is tratchet.
by rochellekmc February 25, 2014
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