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The night before the garbage truck comes, so called because Trasha-Claus (the designated garbage person in a household) goes around the house with his/her big black plastic sack collecting all the refuse to take to the curb.
"Don't forget to empty the wastebaskets, it's Trashmas Eve."
by Jackee H. December 27, 2007
3 0
The night before trash day when you set out your trash and fill it with goodies that the Trash-anta will like and take away for you, but you BETTER BE NICE for if you dont Trash-anta will leave your stuff there and make you smell...
Trashmas is the GREATEST day of the week!
K-I KNOW!! i cant wait untill Trash-anta comes!
im ganna stay up ALL night and give him cookies and warm milk!
T-this is ganna be the greatest Trashmas EVER!!! i hope Trash-anta likes what i leave for him!!!
by Toriepoo the great!!!! October 23, 2006
7 1
The night before trash pickup.
Alex collects the all of the waste baskets and takes the trash can out to the curb on Trashmas Eve.
by pdxDiver May 15, 2007
2 2