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The night before trash day when you set out your trash and fill it with goodies that the Trash-anta will like and take away for you, but you BETTER BE NICE for if you dont Trash-anta will leave your stuff there and make you smell...
Trashmas is the GREATEST day of the week!
K-I KNOW!! i cant wait untill Trash-anta comes!
im ganna stay up ALL night and give him cookies and warm milk!
T-this is ganna be the greatest Trashmas EVER!!! i hope Trash-anta likes what i leave for him!!!
by Toriepoo the great!!!! October 23, 2006
The night before the garbage truck comes, so called because Trasha-Claus (the designated garbage person in a household) goes around the house with his/her big black plastic sack collecting all the refuse to take to the curb.
"Don't forget to empty the wastebaskets, it's Trashmas Eve."
by Jackee H. December 27, 2007
The night before trash pickup.
Alex collects the all of the waste baskets and takes the trash can out to the curb on Trashmas Eve.
by pdxDiver May 15, 2007
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