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Someone who is cocky and talks to much
Shut up you trappy bint!
by Spu August 06, 2004
You thought you were better then me, but no I sprung my Trappy and you can see I am the greatest
I Trappy the the statue of liberty you wish you would have done it.
by MRDLG2U December 06, 2010
Someone who smokes a lot of Pot and does absolutely nothing they may also do drugs such as X,Coke,Pills,LSD, and Shrooms...they spend most of their paychecks or money on Weed or other forms of drugs..they sleep all day and waste nights away in Basements,Bedrooms,Garages, Backyards and yes even Vehicles. These people are usually always in trouble with the law and owe them massive amounts of money in fines. Most Trappy people look like Wiggers or Hippies but don't let looks fool you anyone can be a Trappy person. Trappy is also a lifestyle...You Laugh,Eat then pass out that's your everyday routine. Once your become Trappy you begin to loose interest in things you once enjoyed. You become obsessed or in love with drugs and Weed. You get in trouble and never learn your lesson. Most Trappy people are also antisocial and hate being around people like parties,bars,clubs, things like that. Trappy people also get extremely offended when you talk negative about their lifestyle or just about drugs or Weed. They also refuse to admit they have become physically addicted to the drugs/weed and if you try to tell them they wanna fight you or cop an attitude. A Trappy person likely smokes Pot daily and engages on heavier things on the weekends...hints how they waste their lives away...these people are also stuck in a rut!
Wow everyone I know has become Trappy.

Dude did you see those Trappy ass people.
by TheManWithThePlan198969 May 14, 2011
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