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Similar to "trap houses" in the underworld drug trade, "trap music" is a style of Hip-Hop originally created by decent individuals as a means incorporating "traps" for dangerous individuals to fall into in reality; meant as a means of finding out and knowing who's who in society.
Fake? Trap music? Don't hate, that's useless!! Hip-Hop: shit's hot. Don't make excuses...
by MIXsyndicate June 10, 2011
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Music northerners( Philly, NY) play to attract southern women to their hotel room/bedroom...Country tunes, southern (gold teef) rappers...ect...
"She'll be commin' round da mountin' when she comes..."

is the #1 Trap Music anthem...
by KODIACK November 15, 2009
160 530
More shitty music created by niggers trying to fuck stupid white chicks thizzed out.

Water down Krunk.
Yo, my homie dj's at this spot and dropped this Trap Music joint that got this little white girl to booty clap on his crotch.
by buddy guy September 06, 2012
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