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A trap door is when you take the toilet lid off and poop in the tank, then cut the metal wire holding the tank door. making the person who finds this...Put their hand in the tank and manually pull the line!
We gotta go, I left a trap door for your ex-girlfriends parents!
by Touge_Drifter November 08, 2010
12 6
The sexual maneuver, where the penis is repositioned from the vagina to the anus very quickly during intercourse.
She was getting pretty loose and bored so I pulled the trapdoor on her.


Connor that bastard pulled the trapdoor on me last night!
by Donald Fagen November 23, 2003
35 14
During the inhale or exhale process of smoking a bong or other devices, a trap door occurs when the flow of air is stopped abruptly by a cough which constricts the wind pipe to the lung. This traps the smoke inside the lungs and causes extended exposure, resulting in temporary distress to the user's throat and/or lungs.
John: *sinks a bong, holds breath, then coughs all the smoke out*
Dan: LOL John just trapdoored
by fishayee June 10, 2011
20 1
A pair of pants or shorts with a zipper or hole in the back. Making insertion of genitalia easier.
Did you guys see her pants today? It looks like there is a Trap door there.
by Poonsweat August 15, 2007
7 5
A term in an extensive vocabulary of theatre terms standing in for sexual terms meaning vagina.
Last night, we were about to be running lines when all of a sudden, she told me she didn't have a trap door!!!
by SamMacElParker December 07, 2009
4 4
The act of disappearing during a drinking session due to too much drink/lack of money/boredom/avoidance of forfeit without letting anyone know.
They were starting on the dodgy pints and penalty gins so I trapdoored last night before it got too messy.
by UlicUK June 23, 2011
2 5
A door on the floor or ground, oftentimes in a castle, which can be lifted to reveal a tunnel or chamber. Sometimes concealed by being made to look like the floor, hidden under a rug, located in a secret room, or otherwise hidden so that it will only be found by those who know of its existence and location. Some trapdoors lead to a storm cellar for protection from tornadoes, but the more commonly thought of trapdoors are those from the middle ages. They were oftentimes entrances to dungeons where prisoners were kept, cellars where food and drinks were kept, or tunnel networks leading away from a castle that allowed castle residents to escape in the event of siege.
'Hey Liz, want to go explore that old castle with me? If we get lucky we might even find the rumored trapdoor! Then we can find the treasure in the dungeon underneath.' -Dylan

'Yeah, I'd love to! Can Josie come too?' -Liz

'Yes, of course, I was going to ask her!' -Dylan

'Awesome, this is going to be so fun! I love exploring secret trapdoors!' -Josie
by ShadowVegan February 17, 2011
1 5