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A Transexual Fetish is an urge to Fuck/Suck off or Get Fucked/Sucked off by a woman with a dick. Many men enjoy this fetish secretly to avoid being judged by people who don't know what they're missing out on. The Taboo factor of fucking a girl with a dick is very hard to resist.

When most men begin watching Tranny Porn or fucking Trannies they experience feelings of deep guilt afterwards. But eventually they realize that Trannies are a blessing to anyone who is open minded enough to give them a chance.
"Tony keeps talking about wanting to suck off and get fucked by a tranny named Tamarah Camargo, he definitely has a Transexual Fetish ".

"I can't wait to suck Pati Colt off and then fuck her huge round fucking ass".
by TrannyFucker :) August 16, 2011
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