The tattoo a female gets at the small of her back and shown by wearing cropped tops and low pants.
Look at the tramp stamp on that gal.
by Jacygal January 16, 2007
A tattoo located above the ass crack of sluts, and girls who pretend not to be sluts, but of course, really are.
Alex : Do you see that tramp stamp on that skeez?

Frank : Might as well be a bullseye.
by Alay October 15, 2007
A tattoo, used as an after sex bullseye on the lower back of women and some men.
That guy Matt Owen, must be gay, he has a tramp stamp.
by Matt223 October 13, 2007
Foodstamps. This was the original definition for the word, until loose women starting getting tats above their ass cracks.
You should have seen it. I was at the grocery store waiting in line and this crack whore with 8 kids was buying soda, steak and lobster. The bitch paid in tramp stamps. I couldn't help myself. I told her to get a job, close her legs and get out of my wallet.
by Larry Tiita April 18, 2009
A tattoo on a woman's lower back that signifies that she like anal sex. This is also known as a "cum catcher" because the man will try to shoot his load on the tattoo after he pulls his penis out of her anus.
If you talk to that girl for a while she will probably let you give her anal because she has a tramp stamp.
by hoosier daddy55 March 16, 2009
A tattoo above a woman's back, near her ass
Janelle has a tramp stamp
by DizzyLizzy February 22, 2007
A tattoo on the lower back. Usually on a slutty or trampy girl.
Look at that girls tramp stamp. She must be a hoe.
by Och March 05, 2010

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