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a densha otoku manga/anime about a nerd who stands up to a drunk old dude on a train. he is thanked by Hermes, a beautiful woman with proper upbringing, who sends him two teacups. He then takes her out and they fall in love. it started as a real BBS post. it now has a movie out in japan.
1. 893 Name: 731 AKA Train Man Date: 04/03/24 22:36

Hello, long time no see.
My preparations are almost done. Also I'm working on mental preparation for the big day.

Someone offered to archive the whole thing,
but I've been archiving it myself, so it's 0k

I wonder if I'll be able to sleep the night before?

2. Dude, that was a Train_man move back there, how'd you work up the courage?
by Train_man February 13, 2007
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